Complex Management Services

1.1 Provide security guards, employed and selected from Real Sofia Ltd to ensure that th e staff is motivated, with administrative and computer skills and are able to assist the tenants, guests and provide the necessary security by checking those entering the Complex.
1.2 Maintenance of inner and outer communications and repair any related problems.
1.3 Introduce a “sinking fund” for unforeseen repairs and upgrades.
1.4 Invest in the Complex (introduce children’s facilities, etc)
1.5 Hire and train young and motivated service staff, including cleaners, gardeners and technicians.
1.6 Maintain the common parts including:

  • Lighting of the Complex
  • The roof
  • Other building aspects related to the entirety of the Complex
  • Cleanliness of the front parts of the Complex including the parking lot (including clearing snow in winter time)
  • Greenery of the Complex including trees, grass, and plant trimmings carrying out cosmetic renovations
  • Cover costs for the electricity of the common parts of the Complex (staircase, lighting, garden lights)

1.7 We will also be able to provide the following financial services and documents to the owners:

  • Annual planned/projected budget
  • Break-down of yearly spending for each financial year, to show how the budget was allocated.
  • Monthly financial statements (rental management)
  • Council tax payment
  • Income tax payment (on owner’s discretion)