About Us

Due to issues that have arisen since the completion of many complexes in the area of Simeonovo, Boyana and Dragalevtzi as the low level of property and rental management, Real Sofia Ltd is offering that the facility, property and the rental management of the complex are performed by professional and proven company.
Regarding the rental management, we are offering to prepare and execute Marketing planning with strategies and targets.
The powerful side of Real Sofia Ltd is not only that we are cooperating with the biggest rental agencies in Sofia, it is our direct marketing team. We are in contact with many companies in: Business Park Sofia, World Trade Center, Expo Center and foreign Embassies.
Our clients are HP, Microsoft, IBM, C3i and many more. We have more than 100 current corporate lets.

The goal is to ensure a smoother operation of the Complex where the interests of all owners as well as tenants are looked after and this can only be achieved if there is a higher level of accountability on the part of the Management.
By having one company manage the maintenance and overall management there will be improved control, a breakdown of spending and costs.
This eliminates coordinating several administrations, and can ensure a higher level of fee collection, where we project that this will be at a minimum of 90%.
We will make a calculation of the maintenance fee and present it to every owner of the complex.

The maintenance fee will be calculated on the following criteria:

  1. Complex’s facilities
  2. Total area of the complex
  3. Total area of the property
  4. Construction quality
  5. Green areas
  6. Service and managerial staff
  7. Average employ salary